PXI Boards

For industrial applications, the CompactPCI form factor is gaining rapidly in acceptance and market share. Because the data acquisition cards are based on the PCI bus standard, engineers like the fact that they can program them using familiar PC-based tools and development environments. However, CPCI overcomes the limitations of standard PCI-bus cards mounted in a conventional PC because of the secure chassis mounting, cooling and their inherent ruggedness.

We now have great news for anyone working on a CPCI/PXI system: UEI has ported its sophisticated PowerDAQ family of data acquisition PCI bus cards to the CompactPCI/PXI form factor. Now you can take advantage of all the high-performance features of our PowerDAQ II family, features that set us apart from virtually all other suppliers.

Better yet, these cards are also compatible with the PXI specification. PXI (PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation) is a standard developed by National Instruments and since handed over to an industry group (the PXI Systems Alliance) for management and promotion. UEI is proud to be a member of the Alliance.

For instrumentation applications where you need advanced triggering and intercard data transfers, PDXI is the answer. You start with all the functionality of CPCI but add triggering from a CPU card to each I/O card, triggering among I/O cards and a secondary bus that allows high-speed transfers of data or control signals among adjacent slots.

With PDXI (PowerDAQ eXtensions for Instruments) we give you the maximum in flexibility. Our PDXI cards function perfectly in any C-sized CPCI/PXI slot. You can take the same applications programs from a desktop PC and run acquisition and control tasks without modification on a CPCI/PXI system.

Designed: Hien Dai Hoa Jsc

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