You've come to expect exceptional hardware performance from UEI data acquisition products, but we also earn the title "The High-Performance Alternative" when it comes to software. Anyone working with our PCI or PXI data acquisition (DAQ) boards knows the vital importance of software, and we offer the industry's broadest support for operating systems, programming languages and test-development environments. There's nobody who comes close to matching our support. We've even got software for LabVIEW that you can't find at any competitor. Best of all, just about all of this software comes at no charge on our PowerDAQ Software Suite CD, and you can also download the latest drivers and utilities from our web site at any time.

UEI's customers come from an extremely broad range of industries, and their applications are just as varied. As such, they don't want to be locked into just one programming environment. They demand the ultimate in flexibility. And UEI offers more choices in terms of support for various operating systems and programming environments than any other vendor.

Linux: Suddenly there's great interest in Linux among data acquisition and control users in the engineering and scientific communities. They might at first lament that only very few vendors have bothered to write Linux drivers. There's no need to settle for public-domain, user-group supported Linux drivers when UEI offers professionally crafted, fully supported drivers for Linux.


Real-Time Linux: For those users with extremely demanding and mission-critical applications, we've made certain that our Linux drivers are fully compatible with the realtime kernel extensions from FM Labs (RTLinux) and those from RTAI.


RTX: RTX is among the most popular realtime and powerful OS's for embedded systems and finds use in virtually every area of industry, from consumer goods to military applications. We're proud to be among the few suppliers of data-acq hardware who offer fully supported RTX drivers.

Windows: For sheer variety of applications and development tools, nothing beats Windows. We've worked extremely hard to fine tune our hardware and software to overcome Windows' inherent deficiencies in handling large amounts of fast I/O from an external process. And no matter which version of Windows you prefer to work with - 9.x, NT, 2000, Me and now XP - we've got optimized drivers.

Designed: Hien Dai Hoa Jsc

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